Men's Inner Journey Retreat
October 22 - 25
Wildwood Retreat Center

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Donation Drive for Men's Inner Journey Financial Aid Fund

Funds donated go to support this years financial aid fund for the Men's Inner Journey Retreat. Currently we have 4 participants seeking support.

There are two ways to contribute: Donate any amount by clicking on the donate button to the right, or become a member for annual fee of 65.00

Donation goal

Collected: $800.00
Goal: $2,500.00

The Gateway for Integrated Consciousness

The Gateway for Integrated Consciousness was founded in 2001 by Michael Sigmann as a way to help gay men with healing the wounds unique to them. The Men’s Inner Journey retreat became the flagship offering by The Gateway and has remained so ever since. The organization itself has gone through many changes over the years, but Michael’s original vision has remained the same: To promote and facilitate greater self-awareness and self-acceptance within gay men and women to allow for deeper connections to one's self and others. The practice of Presence remains a central theme in all we do and is one of our three core values.

So what makes The Gateway for Integrated Consciousness unique? It really boils down to two key reasons. First, Michael Sigmann came to the realization early on that in all the transformational work that is available for men and women, few (if any) acknowledged the fact that gay men and women have aspects of themselves that identify with either (or both) the masculine and feminine. As a result, these transformational experiences never fully addressed the needs of homosexual men and women. That takes us to the second reason The Gateway is different. Michael Sigmann has been developing the concept of the Neutral Force – an energetically neutral individual who can take on aspects of both masculine and feminine energy. This idea is the foundation of all of our offerings and gives a unique view on how we approach healing for the gay community.

In 2012, The Gateway began a transformation of its own as a few dedicated individuals joined Michael in his vision and began to help shape the organization in new ways by bringing in their own special skills and views to augment and compliment Michael’s own. Over the last year and half, The Gateway has expanded its offerings and adjusted our vision to include multiple levels of healing and transformation. For the individuals who still need that deep-dive, transformative experience, we still offer our Transformational Retreats and Healing Workshops. For those who like a lighter, less intense approach to healing, we offer Group Meditation (our first Community Program offering). And because we understand that sometimes it’s enough to just be around others on a similar path, The Gateway regularly hosts Outreach & Social Events. Our goal is to be able to give our members choices in how they approach their healing, all while practicing Presence and creating deeper connections with others and self.

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