Group Meditation


Overview                                                  Testimonial

Michael Sigmann has worked for many years to create well-timed, culturally aware, and beneficial retreats or meditations that serve and build community. I’ve participated in both types of events with Michael (with staff) and have found the results to be improved self-awareness, connections with members of my community, reduced anxiety, and increased trust, all of which last after the event has taken place. His well-run retreats are built around a manageable schedule that includes nutritious meals, suitable accommodations, and a trained staff that can address a wide variety of concerns, questions, and issues with calm, clarity and informed backgrounds that support the model as a whole. After the Men’s Inner Journey retreat, which helped me pin-point and address a key issue in my life, the immediate ancillary effect I noticed was that my road rage was gone. Indeed, as he explained, integration techniques help solidify results, but some minor symptoms have returned, however, the issue for me has been greatly reduced. I’m grateful for this positive change, have seen similar effects in other participants, and believe many could enjoy the useful and transformative effects which he delivers through his teachings, writings, and sincere devotion.

E. McKillop, Seattle, WA

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