trans•form [v. trænsˈfɔrm; n. ˈtræns fɔrm] to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character.
At The Gateway for Integrated Consciousness, we believe that everyone has the ability to change; that we can get past the years conditioning that has occurred throughout our lives. To go through this transformation is not an easy task and many do not have the energy or bravery to do it alone. Our Transformational Workshops were designed to help individuals who are ready to take this next step in their lives and begin to move beyond the past and begin to live in the present.

An Adventure in Self-Discovery
A Right of Passage into Love
Healing the Wounds of the Feminine

Scott talking about his experience as a participant of the Men's Inner Journey.

The Men's Inner Journey Workshop is a spiritually transformative experience created expressly for men who are attracted to other men. Regardless of whether you identify as gay, bi, queer, or indifferent, the fact that you are attracted to other men is something you will have in common with every man that attends. By the time your journey ends, your connection with these men will have deepened to a level of openness and honesty that you may not have experienced before, affecting the way you see yourself and your relationships to other men.

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Michael talking about creating the 
Journey into Love Workshop

The Journey Into Love Workshop helps us to rediscover how to love each other in an undefended way. By learning how to be present with each other, we're able to bring our need for sex, love and intimacy into balance. By being present with our needs we learn how to be honest, which increases our capacity to create and maintain healthy, loving relationships.

Michael talking about creating the 
Celebration of Love Workshop

The Celebration of Love Workshop helps women to reclaim their feminine essence by giving them a chance to heal their issues with men and the male dominated society they've been forced to align with.

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